ZAMACAST - The Company

Born in 1985, ZAMACAST operates in the die-cast of zinc alloys (zamak) of small dimensions, to a maximum weight of 80 gr. and a precision of 0,01 mm. It uses a proprietary technology at 4 independent slides machine and standard moulds as Dynacast or Techmire standards.
With a range of 18 machines, the production capacity is more than 500.000 shots per day.
Certified ISO 9000, the Company operates for it's customers in the automotive field following QS 9000 or ISO-TS 16949 standards.
The development of the machines and the equipments (moulds) are made internally through CAD 3D FEM. The know-how, brought out from 18 years of research and development, is the base of the success of the Company, Italian leader in it's segment of the market.
The plant, of recent building, is developed over a covered area of over 2000 m². The tool-room and the test-room are equipped with modern CNC and fuzzy logic machines, that guarantee moulds of excellent quality and accurate checks.


ZAMACAST customer can rely on a great experience and knowledge which will follow him constantly from the developing of the product, taking care in all the phase of the work, from planning and prototyping and execution of equipment, to the optimising of the finished product, that guarantee constant Quality in time. Our engineering and commercial office is at your complete disposal for any further details, feel free to ask for specific documentation such as case histories, standards and specifications. We will be happy to give you help in planning, quote components that you wish show us or analyse your product to create a plan to reduce your costs of purchasing and production.

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