Die-casting is the quicker and more practical way to have a finished product from raw metal. Zamak allows to obtain, at low costs, complex shapes with details of great precision, very thin walls and external threading, assuring constant quality both in small and big series. Zinc leagues die-cast (Zama) are used with success in various fields such as:

Automotive and transport

Looks, windshield wipers, mirrors, set regulation, pre-tensional, seat belt, carburettors, fuel injection, gears.

Consumer electronic

Thermostats, timers, coffee machines, electronic thermometers, electrical razors, video-recorders, cd/dvd, gas kitchens, staplers.

Furniture hardware

Joints, shelf supports, handles, hinges, level adjuster, looks, keys.

Electronic and telecommunications
Connectors, antennas, switch, optical fibres, potentiometers, rails for hard-disk, heat sinks, EMI shielding.

Hydraulic and pneumatic

Valves bodies , quick couplings, spools, connections, pump, cylinders.

Buildings and windows

Looking systems, joints for aluminium frames, gears, motors for blinds and shutters, cancels automation, lighting.


Switches, plaques, projectors, special screws, micro-motors, gears, relays, structural parts for enclosures and households.


Buckles, zips, accessories, buttons, glasses, pins and logos.


Lighters, pumps for fuel, valves for gas, gadgets, pens, toys.

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